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aka Cross-Pollination-Publication-Publicity

er… or maybe we should stop trying to be clever and ask you to link over to Jane Roper’s crisp and keen interview with NY Times best seller, Jenna Blum, about her newest book, The Stormchasers. Join them for a conversation about tornadoes, twins, and (of course) writing.


Last Light author Jane Roper continues to amaze us.  Not only is her novel, Eden Lake, coming out next year via our tiny studio, but she recently had a piece published at Salon, and she has just announced that she has a memoir coming out next year via St. Martin’s Press, and while we admit that Jane’s success can  be squarely attributed to her phenomenal writing skills and distinct narrative voice, we can’t help but wonder if the good karma found at Last Light Studio didn’t help nudge her just a bit to where she is today.

Congratulations Jane !

Oh- did we mention she’s the mother of twins?