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Picture of a webErika Dreifus, the intrepid Last Light author of Quiet Americans has unveiled her elegantly designed (and very handy) new website. It allows readers to easily follow both her blogs (Practicing Writer and My Machberet) as well as link up to Erika’s profile in Twitter or Facebook. Even more important, you can now find a link to pre-order her book via Barnes and Nobel (at a generous 30% off!). We’ve already pre-ordered ours!


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Hot off the presses, folks. Quiet Americans will be out next January. We can’t wait.

It’s with some pride that we report that Last Light author Erika Dreifus will be donating a portion of the proceeds of her¬†forthcoming collection, Quiet Americans, to The Blue Card, an organization that provides financial assistance to survivors of the Nazi persecution and their families in the United States.

Much of the inspiration for the stories in Erika’s book comes from the experiences of her paternal grandparents, who fled from Nazi Germany to the U.S.A., and Erika has explained her decision to have her book sales support The Blue Card on her own blog .

We’re proud to know you, Erika.

Erika Driefus Headshot

Ms. Dreifus

One of authors, Erika Dreifus (Quiet Americans– coming Jan. 2011) is documenting the harrowing, behind-the-scenes, pre-publication process on her own blog, Practicing Writer. Okay, maybe it’s not so harrowing, but it is interesting.

She adds a new post about the process every Thursday, and this week’s post is about her author photo.

Link here.