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Hot off the presses, folks. Quiet Americans will be out next January. We can’t wait.


Well, we’re on home stretch for publication of the print version of Armand Inezian’s Bringing Ararat collection. The book is already available for Kindle, but the release of the print version has lagged behind, and one of the biggest reasons is cover art. It’s just easier to create a cover for Kindle than for print.

We thought it might be interesting to display the various stages that the print cover has gone through. Below are the four major “looks” that we developed for the book. This does not include the various false starts, dead ends, and minor makeovers we made along the way. The final cover that we expect to use for release is actually the 14th major redraft.

Thumbnails are below. Click on them for a bigger view (hopefully your browser will cooperate). And, NO, those red squiggly lines are not part of the design. They’re only there to differentiate the edges of the cover from white backgrounds.