Armand Inezian’s Bringing Ararat has gone to print and is now available in trade paperback format available via Amazon!


It’s with some pride that we report that Last Light author Erika Dreifus will be donating a portion of the proceeds of her forthcoming collection, Quiet Americans, to The Blue Card, an organization that provides financial assistance to survivors of the Nazi persecution and their families in the United States.

Much of the inspiration for the stories in Erika’s book comes from the experiences of her paternal grandparents, who fled from Nazi Germany to the U.S.A., and Erika has explained her decision to have her book sales support The Blue Card on her own blog .

We’re proud to know you, Erika.

Well, we’re on home stretch for publication of the print version of Armand Inezian’s Bringing Ararat collection. The book is already available for Kindle, but the release of the print version has lagged behind, and one of the biggest reasons is cover art. It’s just easier to create a cover for Kindle than for print.

We thought it might be interesting to display the various stages that the print cover has gone through. Below are the four major “looks” that we developed for the book. This does not include the various false starts, dead ends, and minor makeovers we made along the way. The final cover that we expect to use for release is actually the 14th major redraft.

Thumbnails are below. Click on them for a bigger view (hopefully your browser will cooperate). And, NO, those red squiggly lines are not part of the design. They’re only there to differentiate the edges of the cover from white backgrounds.

Last Light author Jane Roper continues to amaze us.  Not only is her novel, Eden Lake, coming out next year via our tiny studio, but she recently had a piece published at Salon, and she has just announced that she has a memoir coming out next year via St. Martin’s Press, and while we admit that Jane’s success can  be squarely attributed to her phenomenal writing skills and distinct narrative voice, we can’t help but wonder if the good karma found at Last Light Studio didn’t help nudge her just a bit to where she is today.

Congratulations Jane !

Oh- did we mention she’s the mother of twins?

Erika Driefus Headshot

Ms. Dreifus

One of authors, Erika Dreifus (Quiet Americans– coming Jan. 2011) is documenting the harrowing, behind-the-scenes, pre-publication process on her own blog, Practicing Writer. Okay, maybe it’s not so harrowing, but it is interesting.

She adds a new post about the process every Thursday, and this week’s post is about her author photo.

Link here.

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