We’re not the only ones who think that “For Services Rendered,” the short story that opens Last Light author Erika Dreifus’s forthcoming collection, Quiet Americans, is pretty remarkable! This week, we were delighted to learn that the Pushcart Prize people agree with us: Erika’s story has received a “Special Mention” in Pushcart Prize XXV: Best of the Small Presses.

“For Services Rendered” was nominated by the editors of J Journal: New Writing on Justice, who published the story’s first U.S. version in spring 2009. Erika tells us that the J Journal iteration was significantly revised and expanded from the text that appeared in the U.K. in 2005, in Solander: The Magazine of the Historical Novel Society.

If you can’t wait until January 19, when Quiet Americans will be released, you can go right over to Erika’s website, where “For Services Rendered” is available for you to preview. And please join us in congratulating Erika on this recognition of her work.